When I started writing this, I didn’t know where to start because there is SO MUCH evidence these days showing that fats really aren’t as bad as we once thought. Fats are essential to life The thing is, we actually need fats. When we eat fats, they break down to fatty acids which support cell… View Article
Hi! I’m really excited to be joining the team of low carbers to manage communications across all the Low Carb Living Group brands to help people just like you live a healthy and happy low carb lifestyle. My journey into low carb began when the conventional food pyramid was failing me as someone with type… View Article
Some people really struggle to maintain their health goals at this chilly time of the year. It can be harder to stick to our regular fitness and nutrition routines, which can make it a little harder to work towards our overall goals. Check out our healthy winter tips to help you get through the colder months,… View Article
No need to miss out on desserts whilst living low carb. Check out best Low Carb Comfort Desserts. These will definitely bring warmth during the winter months. Baked Custard This Low Carb Baked Custard is such a beautiful and simple dessert to prep for a dinner party! Per serve: 0.9g carbs   Blackberry Cobbler Fruit cobblers… View Article
It’s that time of year again when we start to look for warmer food options. Salads just aren’t cutting it. We have compiled a few of our Wintery Low Carb Comfort Meals for you to enjoy! Nacho Bowls These Low Carb Nachos bowls are SERIOUSLY AMAZING and so easy AND a great low carb DINNER… View Article
Stir-through Pasta sauces are super convenient. Whilst nothing will compare to a homemade sauce, these sauces do make Low carb living a little easier at times. They are a quick way you can add flavour to your veggies, caul-rice and zoodles. One of the easiest meals to pop together is stirring a few tablespoons of sauce… View Article
Coconut Yoghurt has really boomed of late. With people either unable to consume dairy or choose not too, it’s a great substitute. It is higher in fat, but that is understandable. Super creamy, and great as an icing alternative 😉 Coconut yoghurt is higher in fat. Our criteria – 5g carbs or less per 100g … View Article
People are using flavoured almond milk’s in their smoothies, baking, or to add a hint of flavour to coffee. This is a new category that we have added, as I feel this will grow as more companies jump on board with flavoured almond milk.   Our criteria 3g of carbs or less per 100ml Our… View Article
You don’t really have to wait for Mother’s day to do these things. These are little treats that we can throw in from time to time to give us a little boost. Here are some ideas that we can do for our mothers, for us as mothers, mothers to be, or simply awesome aunties/carers of… View Article